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Where to buy Interrail Passes

The Interrail Pass is available to people who live within Europe. You can buy it online or at railway stations throughout Europe.

Where to buy Eurail Passes

The Eurail Pass is available to people who live outside of Europe. Eurail Passes can be purchased through Eurail Group’s worldwide network of authorized Sales Agents.

Compensation Requests

In certain circumstances, Eurail and InterRail Passengers may be granted compensation, if they experienced several delays throughout their trip. Note that this concerns reimbursement for the actual journey and does not cover additional assistance such as accommodation or food etc. Eurail Group’s guidelines comply with the Passenger Rights and Regulations (PRR), effective since December 2009.

For more information, please continue to the Eurail Group Compensation Guidelines page .

Travelling in your country of residence

From 1 January 2016 the Interrail Global Pass now includes a new feature enabling travellers to use the Pass for travel in their home country, provided that it is an Interrail member country. All Interrail Global Passes are now valid for one outbound and one inbound journey in the country of residence, which can be used to travel between a local station and the border, an airport or a port at the start and end of the Interrail trip. The outbound and inbound journey are both valid for one full day, so it’s possible to take multiple trains. Pass Holders are encouraged to refer to the Interrail Pass Guide for further details on how to use this offer.