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Where to buy Interrail Passes

The Interrail Pass is available to people who live within Europe. You can buy it online or at railway stations throughout Europe.

Where to buy Eurail Passes

The Eurail Pass is available to people who live outside of Europe. Eurail Passes can be purchased through Eurail Group’s worldwide network of authorized Sales Agents.

Eurail and Interrail Pass travellers - Greece

As you’re probably aware Greece is experiencing a difficult period right now, which may cause disruption in terms of travel up and down the country  more

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Compensation Requests

In certain circumstances, Eurail and InterRail Passengers may be granted compensation, if they experienced several delays throughout their trip. Note that this concerns reimbursement for the actual journey and does not cover additional assistance such as accommodation or food etc. Eurail Group’s guidelines comply with the Passenger Rights and Regulations (PRR), effective since December 2009.

For more information, please continue to the Eurail Group Compensation Guidelines page .

Delay in Receiving Free Souvenir

Each year thousands of Eurail and Interrail customers return their travel report in exchange for a free gift. Unfortunately, some customers are currently experiencing a delay in receiving their gift and/or travel report. We want to reassure everyone that this delay is the result of some technical difficulties and complications with regards to implementing a new system.

Once the new system is operational, we will work hard to ensure that everyone receives their gift and/or travel report back as quickly as possible. However, it could still take a few months for the processing department to work through the backlog.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we thank you for your understanding.