Seat and/or bed reservation and route information

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Can I use my Eurail or InterRail Pass on all trains or do I need to make seat and/or bed reservations?

You can use your Eurail or InterRail Pass on most trains within the country in which your pass is valid (some private railways do not participate). However, note that certain trains, such as high-speed, international or night trains do require a compulsory reservation. To find out whether reservations are compulsory, check an online timetable, the Eurail timetable or enquire with your travel agent or at a railway station.

There is a special reduced rate for Eurail and InterRail Pass holders, however note that on some trains, the number of seats available for Pass users may be limited (reservation is subject to availability), so you should make reservations as early as possible.

Note that having a Eurail or InterRail Pass does not guarantee you a seat. It is, therefore, advisable to make reservations for popular routes and trains during busy periods (such as the summer peak season), in order to avoid disappointment and be assured of a seat.

Reservation costs are not included in the price of your pass and vary depending on the country, distance, time of day and type of train. Some trains require you to pay a surcharge, which includes a compulsory seat reservation and, sometimes, a drink, a meal or other perks. Note that if trains are fully booked you will have to pay for a full price ticket or travel a different day.

How do I make seat and/or bed reservations to use with my Eurail Pass?

Most Eurail sales agents are also able to make reservations for trains in Europe when you purchase your Eurail Pass. We suggest you contact one of our agents, or one of their affiliates, to enquire if they are able to assist you. If not, they will be able to give you advice on how you can arrange reservations online or via the telephone.

A list of our authorised sales agents worldwide can be found here:

Most of the websites mentioned also allow you to search for an affiliated local sales agent.

To get the best fare and ensure seat availability, we suggest you book as early as possible, preferably before your departure to Europe.

How do I make seat and/or bed reservations to use with my InterRail Pass?

In Europe, train reservations can be made at most major railway stations. Contact your local railway company, or alternatively see a rail travel agent to make bookings.

A list of railway companies participating in the InterRail scheme can be found here:

To get the best fare and ensure seat availability, we suggest you book as early as possible.

How can I find timetable information online?

For a handy resource that covers all of Europe, including small towns and international connections, try the Deutsche Bahn's website or Austrian rail sites, which provide timetable information.