Eurail Group reports growth for InterRail

Utrecht, The Netherlands – Eurail Group G.I.E., the organisation dedicated to the marketing and management of the InterRail product range has delivered a combination of growth and increased profitability for the member railways in the first half of 2010. Sales have increased by 11% compared the same period last year, demonstrating that more and more Europeans are taking to the rails with InterRail each year.
InterRail has proven to be a constant and ‘crisis resistant’ product despite the negative effects of the recent global economic crisis and the catastrophic effects of the ash cloud in April. "We believe that the current economic climate is actually very positive for InterRail", says Managing Director Mr. René de Groot. "Travellers are still very price sensitive, so staying in Europe for a holiday rather than jetting abroad is an attractive option for many Europeans. We continue to see a rise in sales originating from the United Kingdom, indicating that the economy is recovering there and suggesting that the concept of "staycations" is expanding into continental Europe with the help of InterRail".

Eurail Group reports that 22% of passes were purchased by families during the first two quarters of 2010; which strengthens the idea that InterRail is for all walks of life, whilst bringing the magic of InterRail alive for children. 73% of InterRail Pass holders continue to represent youngsters under the age of 26 who have been synonymous with capturing the spirit of InterRail for decades.
The introduction of the InterRail discount for 60+ travellers has also proved a success story and the Eurail Group reported a steady growth of 5%. "Tourism by train is often associated with so-called backpackers, so I felt that InterRailing may be a little eccentric. This assertion turns out to be totally unfounded" says Yvette Graf from Switzerland. "I am at retirement age and I recently tried the InterRail experience out of curiosity. I discovered that there were unexpected surprises around every corner and it’s an experience that I’ll certainly repeat".