InterRail Launches Two New Passes

This special tariff available exclusively for the InterRail Global Pass was officially launched at the Vakantiebeurs (Dutch Travel Fair) last week in the Netherlands. Furthermore, it will continue to be promoted at similar European Travel Fairs throughout Europe, thus spreading the message about the benefits of travelling with an InterRail Pass, to young and old alike.

“60 plussers form an exciting new group of InterRailers because they have the time and the means to travel. Plus, they are starting to discover that travelling by train is less expensive than flying and there are lots of interesting destinations across the European continent that can be reached by train,” Marketing Director, Ana Dias e Seixas of the Eurail Group explains. Among youth travellers, the InterRail Pass has been the most popular European rail pass for decades and 70% of all passengers are still under 26. Despite these statistics, InterRail Passes are designed for all ages, allowing the pass holder unlimited train travel to or through 30 European countries at a relatively low cost.

Considering that the majority of visitors who come to the Vakantiebeurs are 45 and above, the Eurail Group chose to start the promotion of the InterRail 60+ Pass in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the InterRail Global Pass, valid for 15 consecutive days was launched during the Dutch Travel Fair also. In the past, Global Passes were only valid for 22 days, one month or for shorter periods of time. 15 day passes are targeted towards people who wish to travel by train every few days during a fortnight’s holiday or for those who wish to travel to and from their holiday destination with the train.

InterRail also acknowledges the growing popularity of Eastern European destinations, such as Romania, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia. During the Dutch Travel Fair, around 80% of visitors to the InterRail stand were particularly fond of the idea of travelling through Great Britain with InterRail. For southern European countries like Spain and Portugal, passengers sometimes favour the option to arrive by plane so that they can explore their chosen country in depth, with the help of the InterRail One Country Pass.

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