Passes available from the Eurail Group

For many years, the Eurail and InterRail Passes have been giving travellers the freedom and flexibility of rail travel at an affordable cost. They allow you to relax and explore the diverse, exciting countries of Europe without hassle, and at your own pace.

The Eurail Pass first went on sale in 1959, and is available to people living outside of Europe. The InterRail Pass has been on sale since 1972, and is available to all people living within Europe.

All aboard, and enjoy your journey!

Eurail Passes

There are 4 different types of  Eurail Passes:

  • Eurail Global Pass, for travel in 24 countries
  • Eurail Select Pass, for travel in 3, 4 or 5 countries
  • Eurail Regional Pass, for travel in 2 countries
  • Eurail One Country Pass, for travel in 1 country


Interrail Passes

There are 2 different types of InterRail Passes:

  • InterRail One Country Pass, for travel in 1 country
  • InterRail Global Pass, for travel in 30 countries