Eurail Passes

Explore Europe with a Eurail Pass!
Eurail Passes give travellers the opportunity to experience 230,000 kilometers of railway lines running
throughout the European continent connecting one exciting city to the other with breathtaking scenery all along
the way. There are four Eurail Pass types available:

  • Eurail Global Pass, which enables travel in 28 countries
  • Eurail Select Pass, which enables travel in 4 countries
  • Eurail Regional Pass, which enables travel in 2 countries (or country combinations*)
  • Eurail One Country Pass, which enables travel in 1 country (or country combination*).

Eurail Global Pass

28 countries
Discover up to 28 participating European countries with the Eurail Global Pass. The Eurail Global Pass gives travellers the greatest level of choice as it covers a large proportion of the European continent. It is available as a continuous pass (valid for travel on all days) or a flexi pass (valid for travel on a set number of days within a fixed period).

Eurail Select Pass

4 adjoining countries

The Eurail Select Passes give travellers the choice of unlimited rail travel in 4 adjoining Eurail countries. There are 27 different countries participating in this pass offer, ranging from central European destinations such as Germany and Switzerland to the increasingly popular Eastern Europe, such as Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

Eurail Regional Pass

2 adjoining countries (or country combinations*)

Valid for travel in two bordering European countries, Eurail Regional Passes offer travellers the opportunity to explore two countries in depth. These passes were developed for those travelers wanting to focus on a small area of Europe and there are currently 25 combinations to choose from.

Eurail One Country Pass

1 country (or country combination*)

Enjoy, experience and explore one country in depth with the Eurail One Country Pass. The Eurail One Country Pass gives travellers the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with the diversity and culture within a single European country. There are 20 One Country Passes to choose from. Additionally, Attica Pass has been introduced in 2015 which enables travellers to travel by ferry flexibly between Italy and Greece and to choose from more than 20 Greek islands to visit.

  • Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are counted as one country: “Benelux”
  • Montenegro and Serbia are counted as one country
  • Croatia and Slovenia are counted as one country