Eurail Passes

Eurail has been providing multi-destination train travel in Europe since 1959. With just one Eurail Pass, customers have the ability to travel in up to 28 different European countries, and there is a Pass to suit every trip. Pass validity can be as short as three days or as long as three months, and Eurail Passes can be adapted to individual needs and wishes.

Eurail Passes can be split into three main groups:

  • Eurail Global Passes: valid in 28 participating countries.
  • Eurail Select Passes: valid in 2, 3 or 4 bordering countries.
  • Eurail One Country Passes: valid in one of the 21 countries available for this Pass.

View map with Eurail Global Pass countries

Eurail Global Pass

The Eurail Global Pass gives you the complete Eurail experience with access to the rail and ferry network of 28 European Countries. It’s also ideally suited for those who haven’t yet defined their itineraries and want the flexibility of deciding where to go next as they travel. From the awe-inspiring landscape of Scandinavia to the secluded beaches of Greece – with the Eurail Global Pass the possibilities are endless! It is available as a Continuous Pass (valid for travel on all days) or a Flexi Pass (valid for travel on a set number of days within a fixed period).

Eurail One Country Pass

One Country Passes are the perfect choice for travellers whose eyes are set on a single country. This Pass allows you to freely explore a country by rail with all the added benefits that the Pass offers in the selected country. The validity options are 3, 4, 5 or 8 days of travel within a month.

NEW: Eurail has introduced the new Scandinavia Pass. This One Country Pass allows travel, in not just one, but four different countries – Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden! This Pass is the perfect way to explore the beauty of Scandinavia by train.

Eurail Select Pass

The Eurail Select Pass allows customers to choose two, three or four bordering countries, which are directly connected by a participating Eurail railway or shipping line. The Select Passes are ideal for those travellers who would like to visit just a specific area of Europe. Additionally, Eurail has also created some special country combinations, such as Benelux – Germany – France, allowing the Select Pass to be valid in more than four countries. That way in some cases a Select Pass can be valid in more than five or six countries.

Validity options include:

  • Two countries validities: 4, 5, 6, 8 or 10 days within 2 months
  • Three & Four countries validities: 5, 6, 8 or 10 days within 2 months

Note that all Select Passes are Flexi Passes.